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Fight to Finish 2019 Challenge

By purchasing you will be entered to win $250 cash + a $100 Bowmar Nutrition gift card. Transformation winner will be chosen the first week of January. More details on how to take pictures & send them in will be emailed Monday!

This 8 week guide includes a 5 day workout split: shoulders, legs/glutes, back/biceps, chest/triceps, and a designated cardio/HIIT/METCON day. You’ll complete the workouts in this order every week on the 5 days that best fit your schedule allowing for two recovery days.

The workouts will keep you on your toes and excited to be in the gym, as they are all slightly different. They will progress over the 8 weeks from beginner/intermediate to intermediate/advanced, however it’s encouraged to decrease sets and/or reps if a workout is too advanced for your current fitness level.