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By purchasing you will be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes including Cash & Bowmar Nutrition gift cards. Transformation winner will be chosen the first week of April. More details on how to take pictures & send them in will be emailed after purchase!

1st place: $300 Cash & $100 Bowmar Gift Card
2nd place: $200 Cash & $100 Bowmar Gift Card
3rd place: $100 Cash & $100 Bowmar Gift Card


HOME: This 8 week guide includes a 4 day workout split: push (shoulders, chest, triceps), lower body (quads, hamstrings, glutes), pull (back and biceps), and full body/lower body circuit. Dumbbells and resistance bands are the only equipment needed, making this guide perfect for busy schedules, traveling, and anyone who wants to workout in the comfort of their own home! All 32 workouts progress from a beginner/ intermediate level to an intermediate/advanced level. The weights you choose can increase or decrease the difficulty

GYM: This 12 week guide includes a 5 day workout split: shoulders, legs, chest and triceps, back and biceps, and a circuit/METCON. The workouts progress off of my 8 week FIGHT TO FINISH guide and start at an intermediate/advanced level (you do not have to do the 8 week guide in order to do this one though. If you are at a beginner level in the gym, I would recommend it though). With over 50 different workouts, you’ll never get bored in the gym! These workouts are meant to push you to increase your overall health and fitness level as well as keep you functional for daily life!

Let’s start off 2020 by thanking our bodies for everything they allow us to do and choose to make our health a priority!